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Department of Psychology at McGill University

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I will be accepting  PhD students for the Fall of 2018. If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student,  you should apply to the McGill Psychology PhD Program, but please also feel free to get in touch .

If you are interested in the possibility of doing postdoctoral work in the lab, please get in touch .

Ross Otto, PhD    [cv]  [scholar]
Principal Investigator  

Kevin da Silva Castanheira
Graduate Student

Deboleena Mazumdar

Honours Cognitive Science Undergraduate Researcher

Myles LoParco

Honours Cognitive Science Undergraduate Researcher

Zachary Savelson

Cognitive Science Undergraduate Researcher
Lab Alumni:
Dasha Sandra (Honours Psychology)   
David St-Amand  (Honours Psychology)

Current / Past Collaborators:
Micah Goldwater
Catherine Hartley
Ken Norman
Darrell Worthy
Ida Momennejad
Art Markman
Todd Gureckis
Joey Dunsmoor
Brad Doll
Signy Sheldon
Jelena Ristic
Paul Glimcher
Brad Love
Elizabeth Phelps 
Steve Fleming 
Sam Gershman
Claire Gillan
Nathaniel Daw
Oriel  FeldmanHall
Johannes Eichstaedt   Aaron Heller
Brad Knox

Department of Psychology