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How Does Sunshine Affect The Lottery?
NPR's "Morning Edition" (USA)

"Do you think you are rational? You only imagine you are!"
Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland)

Fancy a flutter? Sunny weather and watching our sports team win makes us more likely to gamble on the lottery
DailyMail (UK)

The Knicks Won. Let's Gamble!
Pacific Standard (USA)

Sunny Days And Sports Wins Make People More Cocky About Lottery Bets 
BuzzFeed (USA)

When stressed, the brain goes 'cheap'
ScienceNews (USA)

People Gamble More When They Think Things Are 'Going Their Way'
US News & World Report (USA)

Why well informed people make poor choices
Hindustan Times (India)

Sports wins, sunny days may lead to gambling: study
Business Standard (India)

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