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Why people may take risks on bright, sunny days
Washington Post (USA) 

Prochaine étape : apprendre à gérer le risque
(The next step: learning to manage risk)
La Presse (Canada)

Anxiety affects how you make decisions (TV Interview)
CTV News (Canada)

L’inquiétude de la pandémie nuirait au jugement, selon une étude
(Pandemic worry impairs judgment, study finds)
La Presse (Canada)

Attention and Risk and Choice...oh my!  
The Numb Podcast (USA)

How psychologists say we're weighing the risks of COVID-19 and vaccines based on emotion
CTV News  (Canada)

Feeling overwhelmed by your decisions as the lockdown lifts? You're not alone
Toronto Star (Canada) 

As COVID-19 trigges survival instinct, unwise decsions can result
Montreal Gazette (Canada) 

Coronavirus response proves the world can act on climate change
The Conversation (International) The Redeye Podcast (Vancouver Cooperative Radio)

Why do we take more risks when we travel?
The Globe and Mail (Canada)

When a City’s Mood Brightens, People Take More Risks
Wall Street Journal  (USA)

Professional Sports Team Wins Create Positive Mood Throughout City, Study Finds
CBS News Philadelpia (USA)

L’humeur des villes et le goût du risque 
(The mood of cities and the taste for risk-taking)
Radio-Canada  “Les années lumière” (Canada)

How Does Sunshine Affect The Lottery?
NPR's "Morning Edition" (USA)

Jesteś racjonalny? Tylko ci się wydaje!
(Are you rational? Only you think!)
Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland)

Fancy a flutter? Sunny weather and watching our sports team win makes us more likely to gamble on the lottery
DailyMail (UK)

The Knicks Won. Let's Gamble!
Pacific Standard (USA)

Sunny Days And Sports Wins Make People More Cocky About Lottery Bets 
BuzzFeed (USA)

When stressed, the brain goes 'cheap'
ScienceNews (USA)

People Gamble More When They Think Things Are 'Going Their Way'
US News & World Report (USA)

Why well informed people make poor choices
Hindustan Times (India)

Sports wins, sunny days may lead to gambling: study
Business Standard (India)

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